Standard Handling Systems

Festo provides handling solutions for a variety of applications. Create your handling system modularly.

    Planar surface gantry EXCM

Planar surface gantry EXCM-10/-30

Small XY planar surface gantry with rectangular working space and extensive functionality

  • Maximum use of space: compact and flat
  • For payloads up to 3 kg
  • Ideal for desktop applications in small parts assembly, small parts handling, laboratory automation


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    Three-dimensional gantry

Three-dimensional gantry

3D handling with horizontal XY-axes and any vertical drive (Z-axis)

  • Can be used universally for handling light to heavy workpieces or high effective loads
  • Suitable for very long strokes


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    Linear gantry

Linear gantry

Handling for 2D movements

  • High mechanical rigidity and sturdy design


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    Pick & place

Pick & place

YZ handling for short strokes

  • Electric or pneumatic drive units
  • Standardised interfaces of the Festo front unit with grippers, rotary modules and swivel modules


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    Multi-axis modular system

Multi-axis modular system

Base, connector, and mounting components

  • Axis module in X, Y and Z direction with adapted interfaces
  • Module combinations with specifications for stroke, effective load and intermediate positions


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    Handling module HSW

Handling module HSW

Ready-to-install, complete pick & place solution repositions small parts by 90°

  • Maximum productivity due to cycle times of less than 1 s and up to 100 parts per minute
  • Repetition accuracy of ±0.02 mm


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    Handling module HSP

Handling module HSP

Function module for the automatic transfer, feed and removal of small parts in extremely confined spaces

  • Compact unit for a complete pick & place cycle


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    Rotary indexing table DHTG

Rotary indexing table DHTG

Integrated position sensing with integrated sensor

  • Suitable for partially automated systems, equipment buffers, swivel tasks and separation tasks
  • Simple conversion from clockwise to anticlockwise rotation or reciprocating motion


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