Diaphragm drives

Diaphragm drives - fluidic muscle from Festo

Fluidic muscle

  • Powerful in the most confined space
  • Dynamic acceleration 
  • Stick-slip free movements
  • Flexible
  • Hermetically sealed design offers protection against dust, dirt and moisture
  • Maintenance-free
Awards for Fluidic Muscle from Festo

Connection variants

Polymeranbindung für Pneumatischen Muskel

Connections made of plastic


 Pneumatischer Muskel nach Kundenanforderung

Connections made according to individual customer specifications


Ventilanbindung für Pneumatischen Muskel

Integration valve / pressure regulating valve in the connection


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Muscle with volume reduction

Pneumatischer Muskel mit Volumenreduzierung

The advantages to you:

  • Reduced compressed air consumption
  • Improved response times

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Muscle DMSP-5 / Custom sizes

Pneumatischer Muskel DMSP-5Technical data
Size 5 mm
Mode of operation Single-acting, pulling
Max. permissible contraction approx. 18% of nominal length
Force approx. 0 ... 135 N


Further custom sizes on request

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Membrane adjustment

Membrananpassung für Pneumatischen Muskel von Festo

Adjustment of:

  • Diameter
  • Material
  • Inscription
  • Fibre geometry (to adjust the force-displacement behaviour)


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Muscle in pushing version

Pneumatischer Muskel von Festo in drückender Ausführung

Technical data
Sizes 10 / 20 / 40 mm
Mode of operation single-acting, pushing
Max. permissible contraction 25% of nominal length
Force 0 ... 6000 N
with spring return

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Membrane protection

 Membranschutz für Pneumatischen Muskel
  • Protection from harmful environmental influences
  • Suitable for use in a  vacuum
  • Available in various versions 


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Stand-alone muscle (Muscle with CO2 cartridge)

Autarker Muskel von Festo
  • Suitable for mobile use
  • with air resevoir and valve / pressure regulating valve
  • Multiple actuation, max contraction with inner air resevoir e.g. 25 strokes

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Rotating module with torsion membrane

Drehmodul für Pneumatischen MuskelTechnical Data:
Sizes 10 / 20 / 40 mm
Force 0 ... 70 Nm
Intermediate position optional

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