Education as key factor
for social and economic success

Success through sustained commitment to technical education

Key factor education


As a leading global technology company with over 40 years of experience in providing education, Festo has identified key factors which guarantee prosperity and quality of life in the 21st century:

Key factor education

Education and qualifications are the keys to the future

Competitiveness, innovative strength, knowledge and learning are all closely related. In the course of globalisation, technical education has become a particularly important factor for social and economic success. Education and qualifications are the foundation for a sustainable social development. They contribute towards ensuring peace and prosperity, while at the same time protecting jobs, economies and companies in an increasingly complex environment. Technical education and training are the fuel for technical progress and success — today and for coming generations!

Factors in protecting jobs

Education and qualifications are key factors in protecting jobs

Investment in knowledge and training is tantamount to investing in the future. This applies equally to economies, politics, companies, universities and educational institutes. Educational Excellence makes companies attractive for highly skilled staff and prevents a “brain drain”. Jobs can only be made future-safe with the aid of superior knowledge.

Social justice

Education and qualifications are the basis for social justice

Education and training help people realise their full potential and contribute towards establishing a level playing field. Education plays a major role in ensuring sustainable development and participation in all aspects of society (cultural, political, social, economic) in an increasingly complex world.

Initiative from business

Education and qualifications need initiative from business

Education and training need the sustainable support of industry. Festo can also use its expertise from over 200 sectors in the training of skilled workers. Companies and universities around the world utilise Festo’s cutting-edge, hands-on training solutions in order to sharpen their competitive edge.