Technology and art

Electric Dragon

Artistically interpreting technology: Festo has repeatedly given a vision of the future with its interpretation of technical creativity and enthusiasm in the context of man, technology, design and art. Interweaving art and music with technology.



World Creators – Festo goes arty

Light and technology create new worlds

rosalie, an artist from Stuttgart, has created a two-part light sculpture with the help of Festo components, which was exhibited from May to September in Leipzig.


World Creators – Festo goes arty

Sound Machines 2.0

An autonomously composing system

Recording a melody, transforming it into a new piece of music and performing it live: with Roland Olbeter’s sound installation, utmost technological precision meets artistic freedom.


Sound Machines 2.0

Harmonices mundi

Innovative strength meets precision craftsmanship

The technical work of art Harmonices Mundi comprises a world clock, an astronomical clock and a carillon.


Harmonices Mundi

Mano gigante

Automation can be art

Moved with automation technology from Festo: Roland Olbeters twelve metre long “Mano Gigante” at La Scala in Milan.


Mano Gigante

The Sound machines

Pneumatic sound

Microcylinders played with virtuosity: the automatically operated, electric string quartet with drum by Roland Olbeter.


The Sound Machines