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Knowledge provides the competitive edge: already today, research at Festo meets the challenges of the production worlds of the future by means of integrated mechatronic solutions – from the intelligent component to the integrated overall system.


Festo research

Festo research

Whether it be force amplification in assembly or innovative gripper technologies – the production and working worlds of the future are at the focus of research at Festo. 

Festo research at a glance

Future Manufacturing

Future manufacturing

In cross-company research projects, Festo pursues the ideas of its customers for the factory of tomorrow and the more distant future.


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Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronic systems

“Mechatronics is not a new profession. It is a way of thinking.” As a core competence of Festo, mechatronics provides the basis for new products and solutions.


Festo’s understanding of mechatronics

Mehr zu Technologien der Zukunft

Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies develop basic knowledge in the traditional disciplines of engineering and in new fields such as micro-nano integration.


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Digital Engineering

Digital engineering

Highly diverse simulation technologies have evolved from mere tools to become the drivers of innovation and design processes.


Tools and tasks in digital engineering

Open Innovation

Open innovation

The innovation process can be accelerated by means of open innovation and cooperation across company boundaries.


Innovation through interdisciplinarity

Prof. Dr. Peter Post

“The production of the future
is intelligent and adaptive”

Interview with Prof. Dr. Peter Post, Head of Corporate Research and Technology

Festo and Industry 4.0

Production systems of the future

Festo and Industry 4.0