Innovation and technology

Innovation and technology

With 100 product innovations annually, a research and development quota of 7 percent of turnover and 2,900 patents worldwide, Festo constantly focuses on success and competitiveness – in other words, on the future of the customer.


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Biomechatronic Footprint

Enter the world of bionics: from its natural model to the technical basic principle, the bionics adaptation to industrial application.


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Bionic Learning Network

Inspired by nature

Learning from nature: In our Bionic Learning Network, the principles of nature provide us with new insights for technology and industrial applications.


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SupraMotion 2.0: Contactless movement of hovering objects

Contactless movement of hovering objects

Whether linear or rotating – SupraMotion 2.0 shows how hovering objects can be transported and handled. In all directions and positions as well as in sealed spaces.


SupraMotion 2.0 – about the projects in 2014

Festo and Industry 4.0 – Production systems of the future

Production systems of the future

Festo views 'Industry 4.0' from various perspectives, and is conducting research on new solutions and technologies together with partners from business and science.


Festo and Industry 4.0 


Research: knowledge provides the competitive edge

Whether it be force amplification in assembly or innovative gripper technologies – the production and working worlds of the future are at the focus of research at Festo.


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