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inspired by nature

Highlight of the Bionic Learning Network 2015: the BionicANTs


Highlight of the Bionic Learning Network 2015: the BionicANTs

Learning from nature: in the Bionic Learning Network, a cooperation between Festo and renowned universities, institutes and development companies, principles from nature provide inspiration for technical applications and industrial practice. 



Cooperative behaviour based on a natural model

For the BionicANTs, Festo has not only technically implemented the delicate anatomy of ants, but also their cooperative behaviour.


All you need to know about the BionicANTs


Ultralight flying objects with collective behaviour

Thanks to an intelligent indoor GPS with infrared technology, the artificial butterflies are able to move in an enclosed space without colliding.


More about the eMotionButterflies


Gripping modelled on a chameleon’s tongue

By inverting its elastic silicone cap, the FlexShapeGripper can pick up, gather and set back down the widest range of objects in a single procedure.


Everything about the FlexShapeGripper