CPX/MPA Valve terminal with diagnostics

CPX/MPA valve terminal with diagnostic function

Function integration: Diagnostics and condition monitoring in one valve terminal

The benefits to you:

  • Greater system availability and increased productivity
  • Higher process reliability
  • Integrated, simple and continuous solutions


 Animation CPX/MPA


New: Festo Maintenance Tool for CPX with Siemens export function

Select CPX valve terminal configurations from Festo online and import into hardware configuration


Download the Festo Maintenance Tool now


The tools:

Condition monitoring (CMS)

  • Avoids up to 35% of downtime
  • Reduces the downtime for the downstream cylinders and their mechanical components
  • Combines with intelligent preprocessing


Valve diagnostics – pneumatics and I/O diagnostics – electrics

  • Optionally available as module/channel-oriented
  • Sources of error can be found 8 (16) times faster


Additional services and synergetic IT-services

  • Error memory in IP65/67
  • Handheld device CPX-MMI
  • E-mail and SMS alarm function
  • Web monitor via Ethernet
  • Maintenance tool