Motors and controllers

Servo motors EMMS-AS, stepper motors EMMS-ST and servo motors MTR-DCI with adapted motor controllers

Type Protection class Display component Control elements Description

Control block CPX-CMXX

Control block CPX-CMXX


IP65/IP67 4 x LEDs (CPX-specific)
4 x LEDs for CMXX
DIL switch for operation modes and RUN/STOP
  • Faster cycles thanks to simply coordinated multi-axis movements
  • IP65 for use in decentralised peripherals
  • Quick and easy installation and parameterisation using the Festo Configuration Tool (FCT)

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Function integration with  CPX-CMXX

Type Voltage
Nominal current
Motor controller
Motorcontroller SFC
24, 48 DC 3, 10
  • Input/output
  • Fieldbus: CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet
  • Variants: Integrated control panel with RS232

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Stepper motor controller
Stepper motor controller SEC-ST
24, 48 DC 1.25 ... 6
  • Function: Power electronics
  • Interface: Pulse/direction
  • Operating mode: Full ... tenth step mode

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Motor controller
Motorcontroller CMMS
24 DC 8
  • Fieldbus: CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet, sercos

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Motor controller
Motorcontroller CMMP
230, 600 AC 2 ... 10 Function: Position controller
Variants: CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet, Sercos
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Servo motor double controller CMMD-AS

Motor controllers for servo motors CMMD-AS

230 AC 8 ... 10

Guides two servo motors independently of each other


Servo motor double controller CMMD-AS in the catalogue