 GRI 102-14, GRI 102-16 Keep up to date: Visit www.festo.com/responsibility Dear Readers, A family-run company like Festo stands for responsibility – for customers, employees and society as a whole. The term ‘sustainability’ does not only shape the way we think and act, but is our aspiration to contribute to global sustainability with our competence in factory and process automation and our technical qualifications. Automation from Festo helps vital resources to be used and preserved intelligently and new production technologies to be used efficiently. Automated production processes can relieve people in their daily work and improve health and nutrition. Digital training systems are contributing to new fields of work being opened up around the world. Automation also enables local-for-local production, shortening transport routes and value chains and reducing emissions. We made further progress in implementing our Festo 2020+ sustainability strategy in 2021 and made extensive decisions on climate protection in particular. All of our global production and logistics sites, the German sales locations and the company headquarters in Esslingen will already be climate-neutral by the end of 2023. All other Festo local sales companies in over 60 countries are set to follow by 2026. Festo will also increasingly generate the energy required at its locations using its own photovoltaic systems. Where energy consumption is higher than the potential provided by generating our own energy, green electricity will be used. Our products, solutions and applications will also increasingly be developed with the aim in mind that they are themselves sustainable: in production, in operation and at the end of their product life cycle. Energy-efficient components do not just save costs over their service life, but also protect the climate. I hope you enjoy reading the Corporate Responsibility Report 2021. Oliver Jung Chairman of the Management Board at Festo SE & Co. KG Preface 4 5 Festo SE & Co. KG Sustainability Report 2021 Festo SE & Co. KG Sustainability Report 2021