7. Climate protection and energy efficiency In the scientific community, nine planetary load limits are being discussed, the exceeding of which endangers the stability of our ecosystem and thus the basis of human life. One of these planetary limits is climate change, which is caused by the constant enrichment of the earth’s atmosphere with man-made greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate protection and the economical use of energy are two of the major tasks of our time. Europe has the ambition of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Industry plays an essential role in this. CO2-neutral production can be achieved through energy efficiency measures, green electricity procurement and CO2 compensation. We at Festo support our customers’ energy efficiency measures on the way to achieving this goal.  GRI 103-1 62 63 Festo SE & Co. KG Sustainability Report 2021 Festo SE & Co. KG Sustainability Report 2021