8.3 Festo Learning Experience (Festo LX) To ensure inclusive, equal and quality education and to promote lifelong learning, appropriate learning solutions are needed. These should be affordable so that equal access is created. Learning portals are ideal for providing learning content. Digital learning Festo Didactic offers a holistic approach to technical basic and further training with its Festo Learning Experience (Festo LX) digital learning portal. Festo LX clearly focuses on the needs of learners and teachers and offers a broad portfolio of technical training content – from STEM topics to Industry 4.0. This content can all be accessed no matter where and when. Festo LX is based on a micro-learning approach with so-called multimedia learning nuggets (i.e. small learning units). These can be worked on in a modular way and combined into individual learning paths. With the LX Creator, teachers can create their own learning nuggets with their content. This can create unique learning experiences for education and industry clients. At Festo LX, industry expertise is combined with didactic knowhow and online with classroom teaching. Festo Didactic’s physical learning systems and simulations are integrated on the digital learning portal. As a result, learners have the opportunity for hybrid learning scenarios and practical exercises. Festo LX enables lifelong learning from school to working life. Learning content around the globe Currently, there are over 300 customers worldwide with more than 21,000 users who have been provided with LX access to digital education. The offer includes over 550 courses with a scope of over 3,100 learning hours. The number of users should still be increased to ensure quality education and continue to promote lifelong learning. 8. Technical basic and further training and corporate educational responsibility To the digital learning portal for teachers and learners: lx.festo.com/en Digital education with Festo LX: over 21,000 learners worldwide 8. Technical basic and further training and corporate educational responsibility 72 73 Festo SE & Co. KG Sustainability Report 2021 Festo SE & Co. KG Sustainability Report 2021