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Who says pneumatics doesn’t have anything new to

offer? Festo proves the critics wrong yet again, and

shows why pneumatics is the backbone of automa-

tion technology.

What use is an online shop if it takes forever to place

an order? This was the question troubling Armin K.

and his team. The result: the new Festo Online Shop.

“With us, you can order faster than your own

shadow,” he grins.

A new dimension in process reliability thanks to VUVG and DSBC

Experience the new, rapid ordering system in the Festo Online Shop


– They go by the names

DSBC and VUVG. Behind these unsus-

pecting names lies great potential. As

anyone who is involved in automation

technology can see, these products

signal the start of a new era for stand-

ard cylinders and valves. “Switching to

the new cylinders DSBC has improved

our process reliability,” says Hermann

Nelke of NSM Magnettechnik, who

now uses the new Festo cylinder in

his plant. The secret to this is the

self-adjusting end-position cushioning

PPS. They use over 500 of these cylin-

ders, reducing previous commissioning

and maintenance times by 70%.

Together with the individual valve

VUVG, which simplifies design and

installation and also increases system

output by 40% thanks to shorter actu-

ating times, the cylinders have made

the whole plant far more productive.

These figures prove that the field of

pneumatics still has plenty to offer.

(For more on this topic, check out “Big

is beautiful” – page 3)

Happiness is just four clicks away


– Not all online shops are

the same. No-one knows this better

than Armin K., Festo Project Manager

for E-Business. Armin is familiar with

the challenges: “Anyone who has tried

to order a wide variety of products for

the pneumatic control chain will know

what a struggle it can be to get to your

products. With the new Festo Online

Shop, that’s a thing of the past!” You

can now order the core automation

products with just a few clicks. In

addition to the simplified ordering

process, the Festo Online Shop also

offers a range of other benefits:

express delivery, full order tracking,

no minimum fee for online orders,

custom warehouse labels and much,

much more. “The Festo Online Shop

can truly make your life easier,” Armin

K. continues. “Give it a go!”

Who could say no to an offer like this?

A low-cost valve with an impressively

long service life and sturdy build.

Here it is: the new VUVS from Festo.


– Festo hits the bullseye

again with the new valve VUVS. A

modern, slim design combined with a

long-service life and sturdy design.

Other new features include the patented

seal system, the wide range of acces-

sories and the variety of mounting

options. These make the VS series the

most versatile in its class.

“A new star is

born”: the VUVS

New range of valves from

Festo wows experts



Investment climate

PPS – ingenious idea causes a stir

A cylinder that adjusts itself changes

the world of automation systems.

With the new PPS self-adjusting

cushioning, you can say goodbye to

the “trial and error” method. This is

possible thanks to an ingeniously

simple idea in the piston design.

>> More on page 2.

The new standard valves –


Sturdier, more affordable, more versa-

tile: the new VUVS. Simple and com-

pact: the VUVG. The perfect standard

valves for industrial automation appli-

cations. >> More on page 2.

No more “mouse arm”

Ordering online often entails a lot of

clicking around on labyrinthine web-

sites. But not with the “Stars in pneu-

matics” in the Festo Online Shop. Four

clicks are all you need. That's not just

faster – it’s also better for your health.

>> More on page 2.

The weather is bright-

ening up, and sunny

days are ahead.

Festo AG & Co. KG

+49 (0)711/347-1111

Photo sources:

(page 4)

Compressed air, compressed costs

Maximumflow rates +minimum space

requirements = serious savings!

Streamline the planning, installa-

tion and operation of your com-

pressed air supply with theMS series.

>> More on page 4.

Swivelling done properly

Maximum load capacity even with

smaller sizes – the strong point of

the semi-rotary drive DRRD. It also

offers greater precision and sturdi-

ness, even with a long lever arm.

>> More on page 3.

A Bavarian car manufacturer is delighted:

over 40% higher output thanks to the individual valve VUVG.

Armin K. says: “Become the fastest

purchaser in your company.”

Configuration instead of testing

Why just “try things out” when you

could use the Festo Design Tool 3D?

The quick, error-free, automated

way to generate and order product

modules in your CAD format.

>> More on page 3.

70% less time-consuming! The mainte-

nance and commissioning sensation

The latest from the “Stars in pneumatics”