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“We transform technology
spendhoursonendworking inour father’sworkshop. That is
wherewe laid the foundations for thesuccess thatweenjoy today.
Our goalwasalways tounderstandeverythingabout the techni-
cal sideof theoverall production.Weareconstantly learningnew
topicsandareoften the last people to leave theworkshop, long
aftermidnight.Weevenwriteour ownPLCprogramsandare
heavily involved in the technical productionprocessofour shows.
I’vealwaysbeen fascinatedby the ideaof
buildingsomething. It runs in the family.Our fatherwasaskilled
toolmaker,mechanical engineer andvocational teacher.Hehad
ahugeamount of expertiseand taught usanawful lot. In the
earlydayshesupportedus in constructingour tricks, but always
insisted thatwehelpso thatwewould learnhow thingswork
ourselves. Enthusiasm for technologyandusing technology to
captivatepeoplehasbeena recurrent theme throughoutour lives.
So technology isakeyelement of the illusionsperformedby
theEhrlichBrothers.Howmuch timedoyou invest in technology
andwhat areyour expectations?
Technologyplaysabigpart inour lives.Theart
lies inensuring that theaudience isnot awareof itspresence.
Thismeans thatwehave tofit the technology into thesmallest
spacepossible, but at thesame timemakesure it is reliable.
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