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Transportingwithout contact,
transferringobjects insuspension,working from
behindwallswithout any connectingmechanical systems. Automationbasedon
superconductormodulesmakes thepreviouslyunthinkablepossible. The latest
future concepts for superconductivity from Festo, suchas theSupraCycle, show
thepossibilitiesof this fascinating technology.
nsomeautomationprocesses there
areadvantages toseparating theob-
ject tobe transported from the trans-
port device. Contactlesshandling is
openingupnewperspectives, particularly
with regard toeasier cleaning inhygienic
This cannowbedone thanks tosupercon-
ductivity, a technologywhich Festohas
been researching for anumber of years.
Expertsbelieve that contactlessmotion
will lead tomajor advances inautomation
in the future.Withsuperconductor auto-
mationmodules, productsmove through
productionhallsquietly, cleanlyandenergy
efficiently, as if guidedbyan invisible
hand. It canbeused to runprocesses
without interruption, becauseenclosures,
sluices, etc. areno longerobstacles.Hand­
canevenmeet requirements forhigh-purity
or harshenvironments.With thecurrent
SupraMotion3.0projects, Festo isshow-
inghowautomationcouldfind itsway into
areas inwhich itwouldpreviouslyhave
beenscarcely conceivable.Oneof the
latest projects is theSupraCycleexhibit.
It shows for thefirst timeeverhowasus-
pendedpermanentmagnet canbe trans-
ferred fromonesuperconductor element
toanother usingsuperconductivity.
Contactless transfer
ThenewSupraCycle from Festo transfers
amagneticobject carrier between two
superconductor elementswithout any
Motionwithout contact
trends inautomation
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