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Festohasdeveloped theso-called“SupraMotion3.0”exhibits to illustrate future
superconductorapplications.The latestexhibits includeSupraCarrier,SupraCycle
andSupraHelix. Productscanbesupportedand transportedonsuspended rollers
with theSupraCarrier exhibit. SupraCycle from Festoshows the contactless
transfer of amagneticpuckbetween twosuperconductor elements. Thestored,
permanent connection canbeactively releasedand restored. SupraHelix, on the
otherhand, isasuspendedscrewshaft,whichcanbedrivenactivelyandcontact-
lessly to transport ring-shapedproductsor process themwhile in rotation.
contact. It showshow thestored, perma-
nent connection canbeactively released
and restored. Three cryostatswith
plate. Twomagneticobject carriersare
transferred in turn fromone cryostat to
thenext. Twosmall, openbottlesfilled
with liquidareattached to theseobject
carriers. Themagneticobject carriersare
frozen in the cryostatsat adistanceof
severalmillimetres from thesuperconduct­
ors. The cryostats canbe rotated through
360degreesusing the rotarymodules
ERMB.When twoof themarepositioned
exactlyoppositeoneanother, onehands
over themagneticobject carrier to the
other. APCBon the cryostatsprovides
thenecessarybuilt-in intelligence.Oneof
themanypossiblepractical applications
of theSupraCycle is thesecuringof a
workpiece carrier to theobject carrier. The
carrier canbe transferredbetween the two
systems inorder to transport objects, as
theexhibit illustratesusing theglassbot-
Ahost of newapplications
Superconductor automationmodules
variantsandactivedrives. Anysuspended
kinematic sequence can thusbeset up.
The transfer of objectsusingashuttle can
be carriedout completely contactlessly.
Thismeans that thesystemsmeet themost
stringent demandsonsterility. Themod-
ulesmaintain their predefinedpositions
bymeansof thesystem’s intrinsic reset-
ting forces, regardlessof spatial alignment.
Thevision for future Festomodules in-
volves completelywear-resistant bearings
andcoolingsystemswitha longservice life
of up to10years. Contactlessmotion
andholdingavoidswear anddust,which
means that themodulesaresuitable for
use inenvironmentswithstringenthygiene
requirements. Adefinableair gapalso
allows themodules towork frombehind
walls, allowinghandling to takeplace in
Three cryostats
withsuperconductorsaremountedonabaseplateand the twomagnetic
object carriersare transferred contactlessly in turn to thenext cryostat.
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