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Put to the test
Automation inananalytical laboratory
Analytical laboratorieshave toprovidesound results inashort time.
reproducibilityplayasignificant rolehere.Modernautomation technologysaves
time, increasesqualityand reduces costs for the transport anddistributionof
samples. Ready-to-install subsystems from Festoareopeningupnewpossibilities
for efficient processes in laboratoryautomation.
t takesvery little time togiveablood
sampleat adoctor’ssurgery.However,
themanydifferent steps required in
a laboratory inorder to reachanaccur­
atediagnosisdemandagreatdeal of time
andconcentrationon thepartof the labora­
toryemployees.Whenblood is taken, for
example, thefirst thing tobedone is cap-
ture the individual data, suchas thepa-
tient’snameor theanalyses tobe carried
out,whichare thenencoded inabarcode
on thesamplevial.Once thesamples
reach the laboratoryperforming theana­
lysisand thedatahavebeen retrieved,
thenext step iscentrifugation,wherehigh-
speed rotation isused toseparate the
blood intosolidand liquid components.
Only then can the laboratory check the
sample for specificantibodiesor viruses.
Toobtaindependable results, preciselyde-
fined laboratoryprocessesmustbecarried
out ina reproducible, efficientand reliable
manner. Automation technology ispivotal
when it comes toachievinghighspeedand
precision for transportbetween the individ-
ual processingstations. It thereforeplays
an increasingly important role in themed-
ical anddiagnosticssector.
Platform for individual solutions
Theoverall analytical process involves
manysteps that have tobe repeated
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