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the coveredwalkway in thespa colonnades.
The cast-iron constructionoriginates from1890.
Sourcesof inspiration
Namesspeakvolumes: KarlovyVary,MariánskéLázně,
FrantiškovyLázně. For several centuries, theCzechRepublic
hasbeenknownas the landof thermal springsandspas
becauseof thehealingpropertiesof itsnatural springs.
Theseplacesof recuperationgrew intoworld-famous cities,
whichstill attract famouspersonalities from theworldsof
politics, scienceandculture to thisday. JohannWolfgangvon
Goethewroteonehis laterworks, the“MarienbadElegy”,
followingastay in the thermal springshere.
Balneotherapyhasa long tradition in theCzechRepublic.
Thehealingpower of theChebwatersof FrantiškovyLázně
was recognisedas far backas the12th century. Thesprings
at KarlovyVaryweredocumented in the14th century, in the
timeof Charles IV. TheBohemianSpaTriangle todayhas
230springsofferingvariousmedicinal benefits. Apart from
pure relaxation, themineral springspromise relief for dis-
easesof themusculoskeletal systemaswell as cardiovas-
cular disease.
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