Vacuum suction cups

Suction cups

Suction cups are used in industrial automation technology to lift and transport objects of all kinds, especially in vacuum systems. They form the interface between the machine and the workpiece. To ensure that a workpiece can be gripped securely, it is important to select suction cups that match the material properties of the workpiece in question. For example, some suction cups are particularly suitable for use at high temperatures, while others are highly resistant to heavy contamination.

Suction cups for use in industry from Festo

Basically, industrial suction cups are available either in a round or oval shape and with or without protective bellows. Round suction cups are particularly well suited for handling flat workpieces. Suction cups with an oval shape, on the other hand, are used more for handling narrow and elongated workpieces. Festo suction cups are available in many different diameters and therefore offer the right solution for transporting workpieces with a wide range of weights, surfaces and shapes.

Suction cups with connector VAS, VASB

This suction cup from the VAS(B) series comes in 11 different diameters and is therefore well suited to transporting workpieces with a wide range of weights, surfaces and shapes. It is available in a round version or as a variant with protective bellows made of nitrile rubber, polyurethane or silicone. Nitrile rubber as a material can be used almost anywhere, while polyurethane is particularly impressive because of its long service life as well as its material that is soft and smooth in operation. Silicone, on the other hand, is very temperature-resistant and is suitable for use in the food industry.

Suction cup with connection VAS, VASB

Suction cup with connector ESS, suction cup without connector ESV

The suction cup ESS consists of a suction cup and a support plate with mounting. It is suitable for a suction volume of 0.002 ... 245 cm³ and has a workpiece radius of 10 ... 680 mm. The suction cup without connector ESV is a wearing part of the suction cup with connector ESS that is very easy to replace. It is used for suction volumes of 0.318 ... 245 cm³ with a workpiece radius of 10 ... 680 mm. Suction cup with connector ESS, suction cup without connector ESV

Suction cup with connector ESS
Suction cup without connector ESV

Suction cup with connector OGVM

Thanks to a special anti-slip design, the sturdy suction cup OGVM is the first choice for dynamic handling of workpieces with complex contours. The OGVM is very energy-efficient and its extremely high lateral forces, minimum suction times and optimum suction ergonomics ensure maximum process reliability. It is available in a round, oval, flat or bell shape or as a variant with protective bellows.

Suction cup with connection OGVM

Suction gripper ESG, oval and round

Our ESG series is a modular product system consisting of suction cup holders and suction cups with over 5,000 variants, including different material properties, suction cup shapes, temperature ranges and holders. The round and oval suction grippers ESG are available with angle and height compensation and filters. Choose the right product from a total of 15 different suction cup diameters and 6 suction cup shapes. The suction volume ranges from 0.002 ... 245 cm³ with a workpiece radius of 10 ... 680 mm.

Suction gripper, round ESG
Suction gripper, oval ESG

Bernoulli gripper OGGB

The Bernoulli gripper OGGB is ideally suited to transporting thin, brittle and extremely delicate workpieces. It is characterised by gentle workpiece handling and minimised workpiece contact. The OGGB is our solution for low-contact gripping tasks with flexible, porous and brittle objects.

Bernoulli grippers OGGB

Why Festo suction cups?

Festo suction cups and suction grippers offer outstanding functionality and quality. With our modular product range, we offer a comprehensive range of suction cups with different shapes, materials and sizes, as well as a wide selection of holders, angle and height compensators and vacuum filters. There are numerous possible combinations that can be used in a wide range of applications.