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When it comes to developing ideas, building applications and testing procedures, one thing is needed above all: space. And this is what we have created with the Festo MotionLab - designed by engineers, it offers an ideal platform for engineers.

keep in motion – engineer-to-engineer

Do you know the situation? You need to develop a new application quickly, cost-effectively and technologically up-to-date. Do you want to test components to find out the limits or simply talk to our engineers in IEC 61131-3? Then the MotionLab is the right place for you! Because many a technical solution must be tested live before it is planned into a machine.

engineers@home – Online Live Sessions

Online Live Sessions on Connectivity and selected software and hardware products from Festo

In addition to our Online Services, we offer our customers Online Live Sessions on the subject of connectivity and on selected software and hardware products.

We have collected the most important questions and answers from these Online Sessions and prepared them for you. You will find an excerpt in the drop-down area below.


Of course, you can download the entire FAQs of our "engineers@home" series free of charge in the area below!

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Excerpt of the FAQs from our "engineers@home" series

Is set selection via field bus and Sinapos possible?

Yes, this is possible via SINAPOS, SINA_PARA, ...

Changing the parameter is always online as soon as you are connected. Do some parameters only apply after 'reinitialisation'?

Yes, what is possible is changed directly. Otherwise there is a notice that reinitialisation is necessary!

Can the handbrake also be deselected if STO is deselected?

Yes, if STO is requested, the brake can be released via the FAS (Festo Automation Suite)! Prerequisite: Online connection and SBC not requested!

The following scenarios:

STO-A/B (0V, requested) & SBC-A/B (24V, not requested) -> Brake can be opened (also in case of discrepancy error of STO-A/B)
STO-A/B (24V, not requested) & SBC-A/B (0V, requested) -> Brake will NOT release.
STO-A/B (0V, requested) & SBC-A/B (0V, requested) -> brake can NOT be released.

Tested with:

FW version:
...of the plug-in function: "Open holding brake", not tested via field bus

Will the FHPP (Festo Profile for Handling and Positioning) no longer exist in the future?

FHPP will of course be continued (for CMMP/CMMO). For the new controller generation (CMMT-x), Festo is taking the path of direct integration (example Siemens: Siemens Profidrive, example Beckhoff: CiA402, ...).

How can error texts of the respective axis and the Festo controller be displayed on a Siemens panel?

The plain text error list of CMMT-x can be inserted (e.g. via csv-import), the texts can be used from the help in FAS or we can also provide them as xls-file.

How do you import the GSDML file from the Suite? Can the GSDML file be generated in the Festo Automation Suite?

The GSDML files are (freely) available in the Support Portal! The GSDML files are not generated in the suite and can be imported via the standard import function.


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