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As a partner for training and further education, Festo offers know-how for practical use - for industry – by industry. We combine our industrial heritage with our future-focussed manufacturing and engineering expertise to create seminars that deliver greater productivity and competitive advantage to your business.

Vocational qualification - for more productivity and competitiveness

Constant change is permanently changing the tasks in companies today. Investing in technologies and machines alone is not enough. People are crucial. They have to live with the technological changes. This requires an adaptability of employees in every dimension.

Industry 4.0 brings change - the need for qualification due to new technologies is greatly increased in many areas. Is your sector also part of this?

With our training offers, you are always one step ahead.

E100 - Basic knowledge of electrical engineering for non-specialist personnel


After this seminar, participants will have acquired a basic understanding of electrical engineering in relation to the requirements of their practical work. In addition, they know important components and their function, electrotechnical correlations and safety regulations.

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P100 - Basic knowledge pneumatics


After this seminar, the participants know pneumatic controls, the basic components and their interaction. They can make settings to regulate force and speed in order to optimise workflows and processes. They are able to read simple circuit diagrams and work with the components shown in practice. They further know which causes lead to which malfunctions and how these can be avoided.

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P111 - Fundamentals of Pneumatics and Electropneumatics

After this seminar, the participants know basic pneumatic and electropneumatic components as well as their function and structure. They will be able to combine these components into circuits in order to realise selected tasks in the manufacturing or assembly process. Furthermore, they are able to create corresponding circuit diagrams based on the applicable standards and implement them. Finally, they can optimise pneumatic and electropneumatic controls.

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P121 - Advanced Pneumatics and Electropneumatics


After this seminar, participants will be able to set up and commission control systems according to circuit diagrams. They can assess the different requirements for pneumatic applications and implement appropriate measures. They know how sequence controls work and how they are implemented in practice.

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S7-Basis - Basics SIMATIC STEP 7

After this seminar, the participants know PLC systems as well as their structure and function. They will be able to plan simple control engineering tasks, program them using a function block diagram (FBD) and put them into operation. They are able to operate the basic functions of the automation software.

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After this seminar, the participants are able to plan extensive control tasks. They know the structuring tools that STEP7 offers and can apply them. On this basis, the participants will be able to create and commission PLC programs for extensive control tasks. In doing so, they observe the current standards and safety regulations and thus acquire the knowledge and skills to realise control technology problems in their company using SIMATIC S7.

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S7-PROFIBUS - Introduction to BUS Technology - SIMATIC 7

After the seminar, the participants will know common BUS systems, how they work and their applications. They will be able to plan, use and commission these systems. In doing so, they will observe current standards and safety regulations. Furthermore, they are able to expand the respective BUS systems with additional participants and can rectify occurring errors. They thus acquire the necessary experience to look after BUS systems in their company.

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S7-PROFINET-TIA - Introduction SIMATIC 7 - PROFINET TIA Portal and S7-1200

After this seminar, the participants will know the basic functionality and terms of Ethernet and the PROFINET technology embedded in it. They will be able to independently network PROFINET components, easily edit or test programs and use the most important diagnostic tools.

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ZAMS - Certified Application Specialist for Machine Safety

The individual aspects of machine safety are already taught in many courses, but there is often a lack of networked thinking and competent weighing of the different solutions for solving tasks. This seminar teaches exactly this, so that the quality of the result is in the foreground, regardless of the technology.

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