Tips and application notes for the new website

Clearer, faster and more focused - the new will make things much easier for you in the future.

You have convenient access to all content anywhere and from any device. You can filter individually and thus get the right solutions and offers, can order and much more. Because from now on, all the important modules are linked together, saving you time and money. And so that you can hit the ground running when the new website launches, you'll find everything you need to know here - presented simply with short explanatory films and detailed webinars. Take advantage of this offer and book your webinar right here.


Your quick insight - our explanatory films!

Theme worlds, search functions, ordering process and much more are presented to you in short explanatory films in a very simple way. We have brought everything new to the point for you.

1. What's new?
2. Simply register!
3. Your login and user information.
4. Quick material number search.
5. Convenient access to your new valve terminal.
6. Functions and options in the shopping cart.


Intuitive operation & fast search

Pinpoint focus through user orientation.
The intuitive operation of the new helps you find the information you need faster and more efficiently. No matter where, no matter when and no matter what device you are currently using.

  • Responsive design - clear presentation of all content on any end device.
  • Clear user guidance - fast navigation through all topic blocks.
  • Structured topic blocks - classification into automation, didactic, company.

Fast search through transparent filters.
Search on the new using keywords or your own material number and you will quickly receive a prioritized list of results.
and you will receive a prioritized list of results quickly and clearly.

  • Keyword search - simple search in the entire content and product area.
  • Customer's own material number - efficient search with familiar designation.
  • Auto-completion - fast results through automatic suggestion list.


Convenient shopping & secure management

Convenient purchasing thanks to functional shopping cart.
We have easily linked the important building blocks of content, products and shopping cart function for you on the new Get quotes, import or export product lists and share them with your team.

  • Quote function - have quotes created quickly via the shopping cart.
  • Import/export function - simply upload your own product list to the new or practically transfer it to your own system.
  • Transfer function - conveniently save and share the shopping cart.
  • Order history - view orders, reprint invoices and track shipments - even for offline orders.

Reliable data security through protected login area.
Register on the new and set up your own customer area. This allows you to quickly change your profile, modify your rights and benefits packages, and manage your advertising consent.

  • Profile function - create a profile and add or change personal data.
  • Rights management - each user can easily change his account from Basic to Business by himself and use more benefits.
  • Advertising consent - give or block permission for advertising at any time.