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Smart solutions for laboratory and medical devices

Growing and ageing populations, increasing risk of illness and global mobility call for cost-effective healthcare solutions. The demand for suitable preventative healthcare and diagnostic procedures is also on the rise. The LifeTech division at Festo provides forward-looking answers – with innovative solutions for medical technology and laboratory automation. We support manufacturers of laboratory and medical devices with solutions that deliver precise and reproducible results.

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Technical developments such as miniaturisation, integration or dispensing ever smaller volumes of liquid are opening up new opportunities in the life sciences sector. Festo is supporting these trends with increasingly compact components, highly integrated modules and a focus on micro-fluid products for regulating gases and liquids.

We offer standardised components for laboratory and medical devices and also work with you to develop customised automation solutions that meet your requirements and are cost-effective, extremely compact and of the highest quality.

Engineering and research

Our ability to offer customised solutions is based on decades of intensive collaboration with our customers. Whatever phase of development your medical device is in, you can always rely on our product design and engineering competency. Festo has even opened a Technology Engineering Center (TEC) specifically for the life sciences sector, located north of Boston, Massachusetts (USA). The TEC is a state-of-the-art research and development facility with a team of experts that are specialised in gas and liquid control as well as sample handling. We are always ready to help and to find targeted and individual solutions to meet your requirements, even during the concept phase.

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