Automation system CPX-AP-I

With the new I/O system CPX-AP-I in IP65/IP67, powerful I/O modules and existing valve terminal connections can be integrated into the most important host systems, including an IO-Link master.
  • Powerful remote I/O system that flexibly links 80 modules at a data rate of 200 Mbaud in real-time
  • Seamless connectivity along with advanced diagnostics option increase the machine availability and productivity
  • Simple integration into the controller of your choice: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP
  • Real-time capability and deterministic system behaviour enable cycle times of up to 250 µs
  • Cable lengths of up to 50 m between every module enable vast system dimensions
  • The IO-Link master and parameterisation software enable simple integration of any IO-Link® devices
  • Ethernet performance up to the valve terminal and digital as well as analogue input/output modules
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Watch René Neumann, Product Management Electric Automation, present the features and benefits of the decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I in 35 seconds.

Find out why CPX-AP-I is the perfect solution for decentralised automation, increasing productivity and improving overall energy efficiency.

CPX-AP-I remote IO system

IO-Link® with CPX-AP-I:

Up to four IO-Link devices per IO-Link master can be integrated into the CPX-AP-I system and several IO-Link masters can be connected to a bus interface. It is thus possible in theory to have up to 316 IO-Link devices per bus interface.
Any devices from Festo and third-party suppliers as well as Festo components with I-Port connection can be connected to the automation system CPX-AP-I via the IO-Link master and the Festo IO-Link tool. Parameter and master port settings can be conveniently carried out via the software’s graphic interface with the help of the Festo IO-Link tool. What’s more, the IO device descriptions of connected IO-Link devices are automatically loaded from the IODDfinder portal so parameterisation can take place with just a few clicks.

Real-time capable, fast and compatible: decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I

Decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I

System topology

Starting from the bus interface, one or two lines can be set up using the daisy chain principle. The star and tree topology will also be possible in the future.

Fieldbus communication

The bus interface is used to connect the CPX‑AP‑I to the higher-level controller via Ethernet-based bus protocols as well as EtherCAT or PROFIBUS.

AP system communication

The new AP communication technology combines a host PLC with IO-Link devices, digital and analogue inputs and outputs, and data transfer to the cloud in one easy package. What makes it unique is the direct integration of existing Festo valve terminals into the remote I/O system.

  • Simplified engineering without additional software
  • Real-time communication to the valve terminal

Power supply concept

The automation system CPX-AP-I has separate cables for communication and power supply as well as two separate circuits

  • Power can be supplied separately for each individual module or shared from module to module as a central supply
  • Creation of voltage zones possible
  • Stable data transfer

CPX-AP-I modules

An automation system CPX‑AP‑I consists of the bus interface and at least one other input/output module or an IO-Link master. In the system, up to 79 modules can be connected to the bus interface in any combination.

  • Bus interface
  • IO-Link master
  • Digital input/output modules
  • Analogue input module

Festo Automation Suite

The integration into the commissioning software enables firmware updates, smart engineering and enhanced diagnostics.

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

When connected to the IoT gateway from Festo, CPX-AP-I communicates right up to the cloud via standard cloud protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA. This will make it easy in future to carry out predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

Valve terminals directly integrated into the CPX-AP-I system

The AP system communication, included in all future valve terminals from Festo, makes it easy to incorporate these valve terminals into your application. Right now, existing valve terminal series like VTUG or MPA-L can already be easily integrated directly into the system via their AP interface. Additionally upgraded with new functions like a switching cycle counter or load voltage monitoring. It will also be possible to connect them to the cloud. This will pave the way for the use of intelligent tools such as dashboards for preventive maintenance and condition monitoring in the future.