Fitting NLFA

For liquid media: the fittings NLFA are available in five variants for different types of tubing. They are ideal for use in laboratory applications in combination with the dosing needles VAVN.
  • For mounting in laboratory devices
  • Very easy to flush thanks to connection without dead space
  • For liquid and gaseous media
  • Also for aggressive liquid media
  • Materials in contact with the media: PP
  • For securing tubing and dosing needles
  • Straight design
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Fitting NLFA: a perfect connection for fluids

You can use the push-in fittings NLFA for liquid media to create perfect fluidic connections between different components, without any dead spaces. Connecting different tubes and dosing needles to these push-in fittings is really easy, making them ideal for laboratory automation.

2-in-1 pre-assembled: slot and ferrule
Thanks to innovative technology, the fluidic connections are simple to install. The two individual parts of the push-in fitting are already fitted together and do not have to be ordered or mounted separately.

Perfect fit with needles VAVN
You can easily create your own dispense head, e.g. with valves VYKA and a sub-base VABS.

Clamped and plugged version
Flexible and adapted for your requirements thanks to a range of different types of tubing or needles that you can use.

Plug without dead space
The push-in fittings NLFA are very easy to clean and they significantly reduce your consumption of expensive media.

FDA-listed materials for aggressive chemicals
The material in contact with the medium is polypropylene. You can therefore also use the push-in fittings with aggressive media. Time and effort spent on testing will be reduced too.

At a glance

  • The slot [1] and ferrule [2] are integrated as one product
  • Pre-assembled module that is easy to manage, select and order
  • Better stability of tubes and needles thanks to the extended ferrule

Clamping and sealing

  • Optimised clamping with differently tapered slot and ferrule [3]
  • Defined sealing edge as the front edge close to the tubing is curved outwards [4]

Additional assembly tool NPAT

  • For easy mounting with defined torque

Dosing needle VAVN

  • For dispensing and aspirating applications
  • 10 different needles available
  • Dosing needles VAVN fit perfectly with push-in fitting NLFA