Actuators with guide rods

Actuators with guide rods

Festo actuators with guide rods are particularly robust, resilient, compact and precise. They are offered in many sizes and variants – the selection ranges from classic guided cylinders to special models. Guided cylinders with guide rod can hold almost any tooling, deliver stroke lengths up to 400 mm, and can apply great forces where required. They prove their worth in applications involving lifting, pressing, pulling, pushing, clamping, stopping, holding, cutting, separating, and much more.

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Broad product selection from Festo

Festo base models are extremely versatile and take up less space for the force they deliver than the alternatives. Many are available with a choice of plain- bearing guide for high rigidity or a recirculating ball bearing guide for applications involving relatively high torque loads.

We offer our basic drives in many sizes, with many combinations of piston diameters and stroke lengths up to 200 mm. For a wider selection, we also have larger versions with stroke lengths up to 400 mm in the range. These larger versions include a choice of damping and end cushioning options, including manually adjustable and in some models, self-adjusting air cushioning.

We also offer specialty models and variants for dry food and splash zones, clean room and ATEX applications, and variants with heat resistant designs.