Control technology and remote I/O

Control Technology from Festo

Control technology is at the heart of every system. It contributes significantly to optimized processes and movements as well as to higher cost efficiency and optimized productivity of the machine. As a subfield of integrated automation technology, control technology comprises the design and realization of machine control, i.e. targeted influence on the behavior of pneumatic and electrical systems. At Festo, we make a basic distinction between pneumatic and electropneumatic as well as electronic controls.

Pneumatic and electropneumatic control technology

With pneumatic and electropneumatic control units, logical sequences of pneumatic systems can be realized in an uncomplicated manner. To ensure a consistent program sequence, cycle stages are used in pneumatic applications. These are available from Festo as a TAA or TAB stepper. A stepper chain consists of a certain number of command memory modules, also called double pilot valves. Our command memory module SBA-2N-PK-3 enables the linking of recurring start, stop and holding functions and can of course be combined with the TAA and TAB steppers. The double pilot valves themselves interlock within the control technology in such a way that a switching step can only be triggered when it is actually its turn. A stepper module is assigned to each individual cycle, which ensures a clear overview of the system at all times. The last component used is the Festo VLG pulse oscillator, which can be used to generate continuously adjustable signals in controllers. It is particularly suitable for fast cylinder movements in diaphragm cylinders as well as single and double-acting cylinders.

Pneumatic and electropneumatic controllers

Electronic controllers

Our electronic control technology involves modern, compact and versatile programmable logic controllers. In automation technology, different control systems are used depending on the application area and industry. At the moment, we offer the CECC electronic controller, which allows programming with CODESYS according to IEC 61131-3. It has 12 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs as well as two high-speed counters up to 250 kHz. The uncomplicated data transfer is enabled by a USB interface.

Electronic controllers

Electrical peripherals

In the field of electrical peripherals, Festo offers modules and individual components for specific automation systems as well as complete automation platforms and control systems. The Festo range includes, for example, the two remote I/O systems CPX-AP-A and CPX-AP-I. On the automation platform (AP), up to 80 freely combinable modules/valve terminals per bus interface are possible for each system or in combination. Optionally including IO-Link® for simple and direct connection of sensors through bidirectional communication with extensive diagnostics and parameterization of sensors and other devices. Part of the core range is our CTEU fieldbus module, which is suitable for use with the valve terminals VTUG, MPA-L and VTOC. Our other peripherals score with features such as integrated diagnostics and maintenance functions, analog input and output modules, and a powerful remote I/O system. The CPX-E automation system can be used as a remote I/O or, together with the CODESYS controller, stands out as a modern control system for motion control tasks. Ideally complemented by IO-Link®.

Remote I/O and network interface components

Operator units

In our operator units you will find the "Human Machine Interface" (HMI) user interface, which allows the machine to be operated, the system states to be observed and the control process be to influenced. The information captured by the HMI is made available to the user of the operator unit via a visualization on the operator unit. Some of the Festo operator units have a diagnostics function (CDSB-A1), the option of remote access (CDPX) or an integrated message system and user management in conjunction with our robotics library.

The CDPX operator unit offers a wide range of functions as a human-machine interface for simple visualization tasks of, for example, process data or complex system control with CODESYS, EtherCAT and Profinet Master. As an explosion-proof variant in IP65, it is a perfect fit for process automation.

Operator units

Accessories for control technology

Our accessories range contains a number of products that are useful for installing and commissioning your control technology – from plugs and connection blocks to fixed power supplies, mains filters and memory cards. Also please note that you can download documentation such as user manuals or guides for all our products.