Universal directional control valves

Pneumatic universal directional valves

A directional control valve is used to change, open or block the flow direction of compressed air in a pneumatic system. For this purpose, compressed air is normally used as the fluid in pneumatic actuators. Universal directional control valves from Festo differ in terms of their design, switching positions and flow paths, as well as in the type of actuation. Our product portfolio includes a variety of different pneumatically operated and solenoid-operated universal directional control valves.

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Festo universal directional control valves: solenoid valves & pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valves are used in fluid engineering. Like any valve, they have a control function that serves to regulate the amount of fluid that is allowed to flow through them. Solenoid valves are electrically operated valves that differ in terms of the current used, the strength of the magnetic field and the mechanism used to regulate the medium. When electrical current is applied, the solenoid valve is activated, and this in turn operates either directly and servo-controlled or force pilot operated, depending on the control type.

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Solenoid valves from Festo use the force of solenoids to open and close valves. They control the flow rate of compressed air in pneumatic systems and circuits. Here, we present our highlights of universal directional control valves from the Festo core range.

Solenoid valve for individual connection VUVG

The entire VUVG range – as an individual valve or a valve terminal – offers you precisely what you need for your requirements. This universal directional control valve has been newly designed on the inside and now offers an outstanding combination of high flow rates and a compact design.

  • Small-sized universal directional control valve
  • Connection technology via Electrical sub-base (E-box)
  • High flow rate relative to its size

Air solenoid valve for individual connection VUVG

Solenoid valve VUVS

The further development of the proven "Tiger" valve – and at a very favorable price. The universal directional control valve VUVS from Festo has been used successfully in production for years. With its simple design based on the same design principle, it is now even more robust and flexible.

  • Universal directional control valve, robust and durable
  • Low-cost, no limitations with regard to performance
  • Can be used as individual valves or manifold valves VTUS

Air solenoid valve VUVS

Support and service

Universal directional control valves from Festo are available as completely ready-to-install system solutions that make optimum use of the available space, even where space is limited. Thanks to their material-saving design, Festo universal directional control valves are cost-effective and energy-efficient – there is no need for time-consuming installation work. However, should you ever need support, we are at your disposal with numerous service options.

Service and support from Festo