Proportional valves

Proportional valves

As an innovation driver in pneumatics with a high level of expertise in proportional technology, Festo offers a wide range of proportional valves: Proportional-pressure regulators and Proportional directional valves. This will allow you to achieve even the most complex of applications safely and easily. At Festo, you benefit from a maximum of individual solutions and functions – with minimum effort for installation, parameterization and commissioning. All proportional valves are usually preset – integrated technologies also relieve you of time-consuming routine tasks.

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Proportional valves from Festo

With a choice of various valve series with different working pressures, nominal widths, flow rate ranges and working temperatures, Festo offers you the optimal proportional valve for your needs. When you have special requirements, we can adapt the valves completely to your individual wishes.

Proportional valves for flow control

Proportional flow control valves control the flow rate for connected pneumatic consumers. In addition to proportional flow control valves, you will also find proportional directional valves, piezo valves and valve units in this section. Find out about the advantages of each Festo valve.

Proportional flow control valves

VEMD proportional flow control valve

The VEMD proportional flow control valve is ideal for mass flow control, and features compact installation dimensions. In a true lightweight design, it is ideally suited for use in mobile devices for flow rate control. The integrated control loop with thermal sensor makes the valve precise and dynamic. It reacts very quickly to a setpoint change and is practically ready for operation instantly.

Proportional flow control valve VEMD

VPCF proportional flow control valve

Short reaction time, high repetition accuracy, compact size, PWIS-free and certification for ATEX 3GD are features that make the VPCF proportional flow control valve unique. It is perfect for demanding uses like inert gas applications and for controlling air flow rates and speed in painting and flow-through systems; and it meets the highest requirements for dynamic response, repetition accuracy and linearity of the characteristic curve.

Proportional flow control valve VPCF

MPYE proportional directional control valve

The MPYE proportional directional valve is a 5/3-way proportional valve and has a position-controlled spool. This converts an analog input signal into a corresponding opening cross-section at the valve outputs. In combination with an external position controller and displacement encoder, this can be used to create a precise pneumatic positioning system.

Proportional directional control valve MPYE

VPWS proportional directional control valve

Compact and powerful: The VPWS proportional solenoid valve is a lightweight and compact 15 mm cartridge valve with large flow rate. It regulates gas flows safely and precisely, be it oxygen, carbon dioxide, air, nitrous oxide or inert gases.

Proportional directional control valve VPWS

VPWP proportional directional control valve

On the technological basis of the MPVE valve, VPWP enables varying the direction of movement. Thanks to the integrated interface for digitalized data transmission, the proportional valve is particularly safe and extremely precise with integrated pressure sensors and cascade control.

Proportional directional control valve VPWP

VEMP piezo valve

The VEMP piezo valve can be used as a regulator in combination with a sensor. The lightweight and small valve is used for proportional control of pressure or flow rate and is suitable for use in mobile equipment such as medical technology.

Piezo valve VEMP

VEAE piezo valve

The VEAE piezo valve is energy-efficient, lightweight and quiet. It is suitable wherever flow rates of up to 80 l/min need to be controlled safely and precisely, e.g. in stationary or mobile applications in medical technology.

Piezo valve VEAE

VPCB valve unit

The VPCB valve unit is part of the servo-pneumatic drive solution YHBP for balancers of all kinds. The 3/3-way proportional pressure control valve with two integrated 2/2-way stop valves is available with or without switching position sensing.

Valve unit VPCB

Proportional valves for pressure control

Pressure regulators control the pressure for connected pneumatic consumers. At Festo, you will find a wide range for the most diverse applications.

Proportional pressure control valves

MPPE proportional-pressure regulator

The pilot operated pressure regulator with selectable pressure regulation range is optionally available with setpoint module. The setpoint is entered as an analog voltage or current signal and the electrical connection is achieved via plugs.

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MPPES proportional-pressure regulator

The MPPES proportional valve is available both direct operated (G1/8) and pilot operated (G1/4, G1/2). The setpoint is entered as an analog voltage or current signal and the pressure regulation ranges are freely selectable. Optionally, MPPES is also available with setpoint module.

Proportional pressure control valve MPPES

VPPL proportional-pressure regulator

This valve was specially developed for higher pressures of 10-40 bar. As an individual device with threaded connections, the valve can be used in a variety of applications, for example in stretch blow molding of PET bottles in the food and beverage industry or on tire or brake test benches in the automotive industry.

Proportional pressure regulator VPPL

VPPM and VPPM-NPT proportional pressure control valves

The VPPM and VPPM-NPT valves offer the right parameters for every application. The appropriate control characteristic can be easily selected from 3 presets at the touch of a button. The two-stage control loops with multi-sensor control also allow them to be controlled safely and reliably.

Proportional pressure control valve VPPM
Proportional pressure control valve VPPM-NPT

VPPX proportional-pressure regulator

The VPPX proportional valve from the VPPM valve family ensures maximum flexibility and the best process quality. With the freely parameterizable PID controller and the external sensor input, customer-specific tasks can also be implemented simply and easily.

Proportional pressure control valve VPPX

VPPI proportional-pressure regulator

The directly actuated valve with integrated pressure compensation regulates dynamically and precisely even in large nominal sizes. An efficient plunger coil drive makes VPPI highly dynamic, while a subordinate position controller ensures high stability. The fully graphic display offers numerous setting options.

Proportional pressure regulator VPPI

VPPE proportional-pressure regulator

VPPE is the lowest priced proportional valve in the portfolio. It is available both with and without display and optionally with setpoint module. The setpoint is entered as an analog voltage signal (0-10 V or 4-20 mA).

Proportional pressure control valve VPPE

VEAA proportional-pressure regulator

For pressure ranges up to 10 bar: Piezo technology makes the VEAA extremely precise and gives it a very long service life. Additional benefits include extremely short switching times, quiet operation and very low power consumption.

Proportional pressure control valve VEAA

VEAB proportional-pressure regulator

For pressure ranges from vacuum to 6 bar: Piezo technology also makes the VEAB very precise and robust. In addition, the valve also scores high points with its short switching times, quiet operation and high energy efficiency.

Proportional pressure control valve VEAB