Valve terminals

Valve terminals

In pneumatics, the term "valve terminals" refers to a combination of several individual valves. They are combined by a central voltage and compressed air supply, so all valves on the valve terminal are supplied electrically and pneumatically together. This saves individual hose lines and push-in fittings and reduces the cabling effort. Valve terminals are connected to a programmable logic controller, or PLC for short, as standard.

What are the advantages of valve terminals?

Primarily used in process and factory automation, valve terminals have become indispensable in the automotive and electronics industries, but also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors and in the food and beverage industry. With valve terminals and their integrated electrical inputs and outputs, small control tasks can be solved directly on site, independently of the control system. This makes the valve terminal one of the core elements of pneumatic automation.

The use of valve terminals keeps installation expenses low and costs manageable - only a central pneumatic compressed air supply and a central power supply are required to control a large number of valves and their functions. Another advantage lies in the configuration: Valve terminals combine the communication and automation of numerous valves in one device, which considerably simplifies the installation of software, since valves can no longer be programmed individually, but rather in a network. Festo valve terminals also have extensive diagnostic functions, which means that system availability remains at the highest level and maintenance intervals are reduced.

Festo valve terminals

In addition to standard valve terminals and universal valve terminals, Festo also offers application-specific valve terminals as well as electrical peripherals and accessories.

Our standard valve terminals are valve assemblies according to the standards ISO 15407-1, 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 for standard valves, which include versatile valve functions, and are available as plug-ins or individual connections.

Universal valve terminals are robust and modular valve assemblies that are primarily intended for standard tasks.

Application-specific valve terminals, in contrast, are space-saving and compact and specifically designed for special requirements.

You will find accessories for your valve terminal with us in the form of valves, connecting plates and rails, fastening elements, actuating attachments and products specific to valve assemblies.