About Festo CA

About Festo Canada

Intelligent automation begins with the right partner

The world is becoming increasingly connected, and nowhere is that more evident than in the North American production and manufacturing sectors. Innovations in intelligent automation are rapidly modernizing facilities, driving operational efficiencies across all facets of a company, and delivering the timely business intelligence needed for leadership teams to capitalize on competitive opportunities.

Festo is that partner

For nearly a hundred years we have provided proven Industry Leadership, Superior Quality Products, and Global Training & Support that the world’s most successful businesses rely on. We’re ready to bring those same advantages to you.

Industry-leading quality

Quality is one of the supporting pillars of Festo, and has been since our independent, privately owned company began in 1925. It’s not just evident in the components and solutions we build, but in our daily operations...how we work together...how we manage...how we serve our customers.

At Festo, quality is not just an attribute but a holistic approach, practiced internally and externally, throughout production, training, services and logistics processes, delivered consistently and at the highest level, from our products to our people
ISO Certificate


Festo Canada is proud to partner with associations that share our values and passion for automation in the service of building a better tomorrow.


The Regroupement des Entreprises en Automatisation Industrielle (REAI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to represent Quebec's Industry 4.0 industry and to promote the know-how and expertise of its members to Quebec companies, government organizations, financial institutions and socio-economic decision makers.

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The Canadian Fluid Power Association (CFPA) is a non-profit Canadian association of companies committed to finding and delivering value to association members. We promote fluid power technology in Canada and provide our members with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities essential to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

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