Core Range for Automation

In a world that is changing and evolving at an increasingly fast pace, you’re continually confronted with new challenges. And the only way to achieve lasting success is by making the right decisions. Why not start by significantly simplifying your procurement process? Festo’s Core Range contains a selection of the most important functions and products that you can use to solve the majority of your automation tasks. Available worldwide and quickly, even in large quantities – with the high level of quality Festo is known for and at an unbeatable price. Simply look for the blue star!

Simply Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

You can quickly and easily find exactly what you’re looking for in our online store, which is open 24 hours a day, fully stocked, and extremely user-friendly. You can order over 35,000 products at any time. Featuring express shipping, quote and order management, as well as the ability to check pricing and delivery periods in real time.

Simply a Part of the Solution

How can we make your work easier and more productive? This is one of our top priorities. Getting production processes fit for the future is a great way to answer this question. And this is exactly what our customers have done in the field of process and industrial automation. Read the success stories here.

Simply the Best. How Our Customers Benefit from Our Core Range:

Rapidly Available, Even in Larger Quantities

Requirements quickly add up when dealing with larger series with numerous similar components. Thanks to the automated manufacture of our Core Range, customers enjoy on-time deliveries of consistently high quality.

Our Core Range – simply part of the solution.

Products and Services beyond the Core Range:

In addition to our Core Range, Festo offers the following products and services:

Complete product range with products for more specific requirements

• Customer-specific solutions for highly unique requirements

Service and training

No matter what solution you need, we will be happy to help you.