Electric Automation

Electric Automation

Seamless connectivity – from the workpiece to the cloud. The range of electric automation solutions is wider than ever before. It extends from simple movement between two end positions to highly complex and flexible servo drive solutions with synchronized movements. At the same time, it features seamless connectivity that is second to https://www.festo.com/media/video/en/CC/DIELASTAR-2015-720p-en.mp4 – mechanical, electrical, and intelligent. From the shop floor to the master controller, everything fits together. This is how you can implement state-of-the-art communication and control concepts built on innovative servo drive technology and direct network integration as well as clever software solutions.

Servo drive

Servo drive CMMT-AS

Compact servo drive for point-to-point and interpolating motion, suitable for various Ethernet-based bus systems and can be integrated directly into system environments of different control manufacturers.

Servo drive

Servo drive CMMT-ST

The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST performs positioning and movement tasks up to 300 W, highly efficiently, dynamically, and precisely, point-to-point or by interpolation. And it can be easily commissioned in no time, via the Festo Automation Suite and the integrated auto-tuning function.

Servo motor

Servo motor EMMT-AS

The servo motor EMMT-AS for demanding and dynamic applications is characterized by very good controllability and path accuracy for positioning tasks and the space-saving single-cable solution significantly reduces installation effort.

Servo motor

Servo motor EMMB-AS

Particularly low-cost and compact AC synchronous servo motor for simple positioning tasks.

Automation system

Automation system CPX-AP-I

Equipped with up to 80 modules, the remote I/O system CPX-AP-I can be flexibly integrated into applications of any size. With its real-time capability and short bus cycles, it is particularly suitable for fast manufacturing processes and high-speed data transfers.

Electric cylinder unit

Electric cylinder unit EPCE-TB

The electric cylinder EPCE is optimized for speed and space – perfectly meeting the requirements of test and inspection systems, labeling, simple centering tasks, and workpiece alignment. It is also a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic solutions.