Reducing costs thanks to automation solutions

Your objective is clear: the top priority is minimizing production costs in order to beat tough competition. Just gaining access to suitable, affordable components will not be sufficient to meet your requirements. It is key to have expertise in automation and to be able to combine the components according to the specific industry. In addition to this, the knowledge and skills of your workers as well as digitalization of all processes also play a major role. Try out our range of specific automation solutions as well as bespoke training and consulting options here.

Energy-efficient production

Energy is expensive, however many plants have an astonishing potential to reduce energy consumption thanks to intelligent design and energy-efficient components and solutions from Festo, however also by offering specific training sessions to your workers. Not only will you reduce your CO2 footprint as a result, you will also relieve the cost pressure somewhat too.
Specifically, we provide you with consulting and tools for energy-efficient design of electric or pneumatic actuator technology, energy-efficient products and solutions, bespoke training programs on energy efficiency measures as well as services abou leakage location, compressed air preparation or compressed air quality.
Have a look through our topic pages and take full advantage of your specific savings potential with us.

Industrial energy efficiency

It's a safe bet

Like you, we also value punctuality and precision, while incorporating our experience and understanding. This includes both reliability and knowledge, expertise and quality. At Festo this applies everywhere, and in every phase of our collaboration and our products.
Moreover, you can contact us around the clock. In more than 250 subsidiaries in 176 countries around the world. You are in safe hands.
What is more, we are very familiar with the safety-related demands of your industry and the requirements of your location. As a result we can present you with exactly the safety solutions that suit you. Quality is a matter of course. This applies both to our tested standard products as well as to our service, logistics and training offers.

Product safety at Festo

Our automation solutions in practice