Microchip inspection

Automation in the semiconductor industry

In just 18 months, the system you set up today will have to produce chips which are twice as complex as the ones you’re making now – and sold at the same price. This only works with automated solutions that function reliably and economically. We’re well aware of how important absolute system availability is for manufacturers of semiconductors and electronic components. Which products and services do you need? Festo is there for you – worldwide.

Application: controlling and regulating cooling circuits

Your challenge: reliably regulate the coolant in semiconductor manufacturing

Festo’s solution:

  • Valve manifolds VTUG and VTOC (1) for reliably controlling pneumatic media valves
  • Valve manifold CPX-MPA where additional I/Os are required, for example in order to control electric pneumatic valves, integrate sensors or closed-loop control circuits. Diagnostics and remote maintenance functions can also be implemented with this manifold.
  • Pneumatic or solenoid actuated pneumatic valve types VZXA, VZQA and VZWF (3) control the flow of media. Even in closed loops, very cold and/or hot media are reliably and accurately regulated.
  • Quarter turn actuator DFPD (4) actuates ball valves VZBF (5) and flap valves, which are typically used in trunk lines and feed/discharge lines for cooling or temperature control media due to their high flow rate performance.
  • Sensor types SFAW (2) and SPAW (6) measure flow rates, as well as media temperature and pressure, very accurately.

Products for the semiconductor industry

Festo has a broad ranging product portfolio for machines for the production of electronic components: valve manifold VTOC with integrated safety function or our proportional pressure control valves VEAA/VEAB for piloting media valves as they’re typically used for controlling and regulating process gases.

Sharing knowledge concerning the semiconductor industry

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