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Make your work easier and also safer: practical tools from Festo handle routine tasks for you and allow CAD data to be integrated directly into the design software. EPLAN macros simplify and speed up your electrical designs and FluidDraw helps you to quickly create electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams.

The right tools for every product

You will find more free resources and software tools to simplify the design process in the Festo product area. Together with detailed product information (including tools for sizing, simulation and selection), the appropriate CAD and ECAD data is assigned to every product by part number or order code.

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Quick Search Plus – finding product information quickly

The digital version of our complete catalog is a smart software package that combines all online tools and Windows tools from Festo under one roof. You'll receive online access to all product information together with CAD data, marking of the core product range components, etc. The shopping cart and our tools for selection and sizing are just a click away. This is supported in Windows 7 and higher.

Download Quick Search Plus

CAD data and models directly in the catalog

You can find the respective CAD data and CAD models for the products directly in the catalog. Simply click on the CAD icon and select the file in the desired format. The practical insert function lets you transfer models online to your CAD system directly without buffering. For this, Java Runtime Environment 6 or higher must be installed on the local computer and the CAD system must be running.

Directly to product selection

Festo Design Tool 3D – configuring modules

With this 3D product configurator, you build modules from Festo products quickly, intuitively and without faults in your CAD format. This ensures that components and accessories are compatible, work with clear bills of materials, and end up with clear documentation. At the end you can also order the module directly and, if desired, fully pre-assembled. The tool generates a separate order code for this.

Start Festo Design Tool 3D

PARTdataManager – all CAD data in 2D/3D

With this comprehensive standalone tool, you have 2D and 3D models for more than 33,000 products at your fingertips quickly and easily – in 45 CAD formats, with interfaces to current design programs. This works with a simple full-text search as well as with a geometric search on the basis of an imported 3D model. The PARTdataManager can be used with and without a connection to the product catalog on DVD. The integrated online update function ensures that you are always up to date.

Download PARTdataManager

Festo plug-in for your CAD system

Access all CAD data from Festo directly from your design software: the free plug-in works with a variety of CAD programs, from AutoCAD to SolidWorks. It appears there as an additional selection menu. This allows you to model components quickly, use your own system templates and configure custom interfaces.

Version 2022

The Festo plugins for CAD systems are already included in the installation of the Festo PARTdataManager 2022 and only need to be activated.

  • To activate the Festo CAD plugins, open PARTadmin using the "Update via Internet" button.
  • Restart PARTadmin with administrator rights.
  • Select the category "CAD integration" and activate the interface and the CAD plugin.
  • Start your CAD system and take full advantage of the seamless integration of Festo CAD data.

You can find out more about activating the CAD plug-ins in this video.

Version 2021 and earlier

For versions 2021 and earlier, you can download your respective plugin here and then install it.

Festo CAD plug-in for Pro/Engineer and Creo Parametric

[FOX_URL]/search/?text=cad%20plugin%20solidworks&tab=DOWNLOADS Festo CAD plugin for SolidWorks

Festo CAD-Plugin für Autodesk Inventor

Festo CAD-Plugin für Autodesk AutoCAD

Festo CAD plug-in for Solid Edge

Festo CAD plug-in for NX

EPLAN macros – design made easy

We provide EPLAN macros for more than 38,000 of our products in 21 languages for creating electrical engineering circuit diagrams in the CAE software EPLAN Electric P8 and fluid engineering circuit diagrams in EPLAN Fluid.

Individual macros in the EPLAN Data Portal
Individual macros for Festo products can be conveniently found in the EPLAN Data Portal using the relevant part number or type code:
Festo products in the EPLAN Data Portal

Complete EPLAN projects for complex products
The manual documentation of a complex product like a valve manifold is time consuming and can lead to mistakes. In order to simplify and speed up this process, Festo provides a web service that automatically generates a correctly configured EPLAN project from the individual configuration of a product, the order code:
Schematic Solution in the Festo App World

Easy-to-understand video tutorials on our YouTube channel explain the procedure:
1. Generating an EPLAN valve manifold project in the Festo App World
2. Integrating the valve manifold project into an existing project setup
3. Connecting the valve manifold and assigning functions

You can download the sample documents here:
Accompanying documents as examples for the video tutorials

FluidDraw – creating circuit diagrams in a smart way

The indispensable design software for electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams: FluidDraw makes it easier to plan complete systems and implement individual components. You access the Festo catalog and your own imported databases and work with DIN-compliant symbol libraries, evaluation functions and assembly drawings. The result is reliable, complete and standardized circuit diagrams.

Download FluidDraw

Drilling templates for valve manifolds

A handy resource: in addition to the CAD model, in the online catalog you will also find the drilling templates in 2D and 3D format for mounting the valve manifolds from Festo. We offer this service for our CPX, MPA, VTSA and VTSA-F series.

You will find drilling templates in the expert knowledge for the relevant product.

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