Accessories for valves
Adapter plates
Blanking plates
Sealing elements and separators
Components for electrical manifold modules
End plates
Operating components
Manifold rails
Manifold sub-bases
Solenoid coils
Mounting components and inscription labels
Actuator attachments
Multi-pin plug distributors
Valve-specific accessories
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Accessories for valves

= Core product range


Core product range




  • Electrical bridges and contact plates for electrical interlinking in valve modules and multi-pin nodes


  • Vertical stacking modules for additional functions such as supply, flow control and pressure regulation
Core product range






Core product range
  • Solenoid coils for valves and valve assemblies
Core product range
  • Mounting components, inscription labels, ...
  • Components for mounting on valves.
  • Electrical multiple distributor with outputs and inputs
Core product range
  • Setpoint module MPZ for proportional-pressure regulators