Compressed air preparation
Filter-regulator units
MS Basic series
Series MS modular and configurable
D series, polymer design
Individual devices

Filter-regulator units

= Core product range
  • Best price/performance mix for the most important functions
  • Ideal for OEMs: high level of availability
  • Housing made from high-tech polymer with integrated metal thread
  • Can easily be combined with the MS series
  • Maximum output pressure: 0.7 MPa/7 bar
  • 3 sizes with high flow rates but with small dimensions
Core product range
  • Air preparation for the most demanding requirements
  • Maximum programme variety with extensive functionality
  • Modular connection system for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Maximum output pressure: 1.6 MPa/16 bar
  • 4 sizes with very high flow rates but with small dimensions
  • Reliable compressed air preparation for applications in uncritical environments
  • Freely combinable within the D series from Festo
  • One size with G¼ connection.
  • Filter regulatorsStainless steel filter regulators for explosive environments