Valve terminals
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Valve terminals MPA-S
MPA-S with CPX terminal
MPA-S with multi-pin plug connection
MPA-S with AS-interface connection
MPA-S with CPI connection

Valve terminals MPA-S

= Core product range
Core product range
  • Proportional technology
  • Integrated, convenient diagnostics thanks to serial linking
  • Up to 8 voltage zones
  • Controlled via fieldbus or control block
  • Max. 64 valve positions/max. 128 solenoid coils
    • Digital inputs/outputs
    • Analogue inputs/outputs
    • Parameterisation of inputs and outputs
    • Integrated convenient diagnostics system
    • Preventive maintenance concepts.
  • Controlled via multi-pin plug
  • Max. 24 valve positions/max. 26 solenoid coils
  • Connection technology:
    • 25-pin Sub-D.
  • Controlled via AS-interface
  • 2 to 8 valves, freely configurable (max. 8 solenoid coils) with input feedback
  • Controlled via installation system CPI (higher-order fieldbus or control block)
  • Max. 32 valve positions/max. 32 solenoid coils.