Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves
Universal directional control valves
Valves VUVG, for individual connection
Valves VUVG, plug-in
Valves VUVS
Valves VUWS
Valves VUWG
Valves VMPA
Tiger Classic valves
Midi pneumatic valves
Solenoid valves – supplementary range
Pneumatic valve supplementary range
Valve body

Valves VUWS

  • Sturdy, elegant valve series that is easy to operate
  • Connection G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, NPT 1/8, NPT 1/4, NPT 3/8
  • Flow rate 600 ... 2400 l/min.
  • In-line valve
  • Pneumatically actuated
  • Metal manifold rail
  • Metal manifold block