Servo-pneumatic positioning systems
Axis controllers
Axis controller CPX-CMAX
End-position controller CPX-CMPX
End position controller SPC11

Axis controllers

    • Pneumatic positioning and force control
    • A technology module of the terminal CPX
    • Can be used with all fieldbus interfaces CPX, as well as Ethernet
    • Easy commissioning with Festo configuration tool FCT
    • Automatically detects connected system components: valve VPWP, sensor interface CASM or the cylinder
    • Moves loads of 2 to 450 kg
    • Controls forces between 30 and 4712 N
  • End positions with 2 additional, freely selectable intermediate positions
  • Electronic end-position control for pneumatic drives
  • Soft-stop for gentle deceleration and fast acceleration
  • Use with all fieldbuses available for CPX/Ethernet
  • and controllers FEC
  • Simple commissioning, Festo plug & work®
  • Travel times and air consumption roughly 30% less
  • than comparable standard pneumatics
  • Fast and smooth to the end position with 2 additional intermediate positions
  • Electronic end position cushioning
  • Quick and easy commissioning: configure, teach – ready
  • Supports pneumatic piston rods, rodless and rotary drives.