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Clean Design Ventilinsel MPA-C

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Valve terminals > Application-specific valve terminals
  • NSF-H1 grease filling, FDA approved materials
  • Degree of protection IP69K, redundant sealing system
  • Clean design: easy to clean
  • Valves 2x 2/2, 2 x 3/2-way, 5/2-way monostable, 5/2-way double solenoid, 5/3-way
  • Standard nominal flow rate 450 ... 760 l/min
  • Valve width 14 mm
  • 2 ... 32 valve positions, 2 ... 32 solenoid coils
  • Modular, with valve positions in single grid
  • Multi-pin plug connection, fieldbus connection I-Port / IO-Link
  • Protection class IP65, IP67, IP69K