Pneumatic drives
Cylinders with piston rod
Compact, short stroke and flat cylinder
Compact cylinder ADN-S
Compact cylinder AEN-S
Compact cylinders DPDM
Compact cylinder ADN
Short-stroke cylinders ADVC, AEVC
Compact cylinder AEN
Compact cylinder ADNGF, metric
Compact cylinder ADN-EL
Compact cylinder CDC
Flat cylinder DZF, metric
Flat cylinder DZH, metric
Flat cylinders EZH

Compact cylinders DPDM

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  • Simple to mount thanks to range of mounting interfaces
  • Diameter 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32 mm
  • Stroke length 5 ... 50 mm
  • Force 9 ... 483 N
  • Double-acting, single-acting
  • Position sensing
  • Fixed cushioning