Motors and controllers
Accessories for motors and controllers
Connecting cables for motors
Operator unit CDSB
Interface, memory cards
Battery box for EMCA
Specific accessories for CMMT
Services for motors and controllers
braking resistance
Power supply units, mains filters

Accessories for motors and controllers

Support Community
Core product range
  • Connecting cables for motors and motor controllers.
  • Display and control unit for the servo drive CMMT and the automation system CPX-E.
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Diagnostic function
  • Update function for basic unit
Core product range
  • Interfaces and memory cards for motor controller.
  • Battery box for saving the position values in combination with the multi-turn absolute displacement encoder
Core product range
  • Plug and interface housing
  • Commissioning service for axis systems
  • Braking resistance for motor controller.
  • Power packs and mains filters for electromechanical drives.