Pneumatic drives
Cylinders with piston rod
Standards-based cylinders
Round cylinders
Stainless steel cylinders
Compact, short stroke and flat cylinder
Multimount cylinders and cartridge cylinders
Cylinder with clamping unit

Cylinders with piston rod

= Core product range
Core product range
  • Cylinders with piston rod and variants which comply with one or several product standards.
Core product range
  • Cylinders with round or nearly round barrel, and round or nearly round caps.
  • Cylinder made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and therefore especially easy to clean.
Core product range
  • Cylinder with piston rod, typically with short strokes and optimised installation length.
  • Cartridge cylinders: cylinders designed as cartridges that can be directly screwed into a housing (Schott).
  • Multimount cylinders: cylinders that can be mounted from one or several sides without additional mounting attachments (except for screws).
Core product range
  • Standard or non-standard cylinders with integrated or attached clamping or retaining unit