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Control technology > Electrical peripherals
Core product range
  • Comprehensive function integration with technology modules
  • Installation variants
    • Stand-alone as remote I/O
    • With valve terminal VTSA-F
    • With valve terminal VTSA
    • With valve terminal MPA-L
    • With valve terminal MPA-S
  • I/O modules
    • Digital
    • Analogue
  • Optional CODESYS controller
Valves > Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves > Application-specific directional control valves
  • Safety component to EU directive 2006/42/EC (machinery)
  • Can be integrated into valve terminal VTSA
  • Can be used as a press safety valve to EN692
  • Soft-start valve
  • 5/2-way valve with switching position sensing, redundant
  • Flow rate 1100 l/min
  • Voltage: 24 V DC
Valve terminals > Accessories for valve terminals > Sub-bases / manifolds > Universal valve modules
  • Manifold sub-bases.
Valves > Accessories for valves > Adapter plates
  • Pneumatic interface
  • Adaptation of ISO sizes 3 to VTSA/VTSA-F valve terminal
  • Pneumatic interface for terminal CPX/VTSA