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Accessories for electromechanical drives

= Core product range
Core product range
  • Connecting drive shafts for electromechanical drives
  • Couplings and housings
  • Flanges
  • Axial and parallel kits
Core product range
  • Switch lugs
  • Sensor mounting kit
  • Sensing modules
Core product range
  • Mounting kits
  • Foot mountings
  • Central supports
  • Centring rings
  • Mounting kits
Core product range
  • Guide axes with roller bearing guide
  • Guide axes with recirculating ball bearing guide
  • Adapters and covers for electromechanical drives
  • Shock absorber mounting.
  • Commissioning service for axis systems
  • Fixed stop for stepless adjustment of the swivel angle on the rotary drive ERMO
  • Mechanical protection of the piston rods and piston rod seals against dust, chips and fluids.
  • Seal set for electric cylinder ESBF.
  • Compensating components for electromechanical drives and handling systems
  • Multi-pin set for connecting up to 4 inputs/outputs