valve terminal

Part number: 564056


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Data sheet
Overall data sheet – Individual values depend upon your configuration.
Feature Value
Valve function 2x3/2 closed, monostable
Valve size 10 mm
Max. standard nominal flow rate 10 l/min at 10 mm
Operating pressure 0 ... 8 bar
Authorisation c UL us - Recognized (OL)
Signal status display LED
Suitability for vacuum No
Nominal operating voltage DC 24 V
Permissible voltage fluctuation +/- 10 %
Operating medium Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Note on operating and pilot medium Lubricated operation possible (subsequently required for further operation)
CE mark (see declaration of conformity) to EU directive for EMC
KC mark KC-EMV
Corrosion resistance classification CRC 1 - Low corrosion stress
Medium temperature -5 ... 50 °C
Protection class IP40
Pilot medium Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Ambient temperature -5 ... 50 °C
Electrical connection Multi-pin plug
Materials note Conforms to RoHS
Type of actuation electrical
Electrical I/O system Yes
Valve terminal type 84
Max. number of valve positions 24
Valve terminal structure Fixed-grid