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Servo-pneumatic positioning systems > Axis controllers
    • Pneumatic positioning and force control
    • A technology module of the terminal CPX
    • Can be used with all fieldbus interfaces CPX, as well as Ethernet
    • Easy commissioning with Festo configuration tool FCT
    • Automatically detects connected system components: valve VPWP, sensor interface CASM or the cylinder
    • Moves loads of 2 to 450 kg
    • Controls forces between 30 and 4712 N
Servo-pneumatic positioning systems > Drives with displacement encoder > Linear drive with displacement encoder
  • Measures absolute values
  • Protection: IP67
  • For attachment to the customer’s own guide
  • Diameter 25, 32, 40, 63 mm
  • Stroke length 100 ... 2000 mm
  • Force 295 ... 1870 N
  • Max. speed 3 m/s
  • Repetition accuracy with the position controller CPX-CMAX +/- 0.2 ... 0.8 mm.
Servo-pneumatic positioning systems > Sensor interfaces
  • The sensor interface CASM is used to actuate pneumatic drives with analogue/incremental displacement encoders at a position controller CPX-CMAX or CPX-CMPX.
Control technology > Electrical peripherals
New 7/2019: Additional versions
  • Individual components for the electric terminal CPX
  • Input/output modules
    • digital / analogue

  • Bus node
  • Sub-bases
  • Interlinking blocks
  • End plates.