Gripper accessories
Inverting cap DHAS
Mounting kits DHAS
Adaptive gripper fingers DHAS
Adapter kits for grippers
Gripper jaw blanks, stroke reductions
Accessories for position sensing
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Gripper accessories

  • Inverting cap for adaptive shape gripper DHEF
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mounting kits
  • Self-adjusting to different workpiece shapes
  • Adaptive gripper fingers for smooth and flexible gripping with the Fin Ray Effect® derived from the movement of a fish’s tail fin
  • Sizes 60, 80, 120
  • For workpiece diameters from 6 to 120 mm
  • Adapter kits for fast, easy connections between precision, micro and standard grippers, as well as many drive units.
  • Gripper jaw blanks,
    stroke reduction.
  • Sensor strips for HGP parallel grippers
  • Mounting kits for HGPP precision grippers
  • Sensor retainer for HMP linear modules.